Competitive Strategies And Advantages

Vitacon develops exclusive compact and distinguished apartments, with contemporary architecture and design, smart spaces and privileged locations. It provides innovative solutions for a modern life style.

  • Privileged location The ventures are developed in the city of São Paulo, focusing on appreciated neighborhoods and clients whose monthly income exceeds an average of 15 minimum wages.

  • Innovation – This is the key for results above market average, with a growing strategy based on intelligence and sustainability. It was the first real estate developer, for instance, to deliver apartments with USB connectors and connection in the ventures common areas.

  • Unique projects The company develops projects with a contemporary architecture and renowned design, using state-of-the-art technology and providing several services, such as cleaning, laundry, vehicles rental and furnished fitness facilities.

  • Promptness – acting in both project development and construction. It also has internal and external proceedings that assure a thorough control of the project, mitigating risks for a faster decision-making process.

  • Culture Based on meritocracy, with individual goals for all levels and positions. Relevant long-term stimulus for the key personnel. Innovative culture focused on mobility, design and simplicity.

  • Management Managed internally by a highly qualified, exclusively dedicated, experienced team with a long history in the industry.

  • Stability Consistent results and growth since its foundation, providing high profitability to ventures and investors.

  • Focus on Mobility and Life Quality Enhancement - Partnership with consultants, suppliers, universities, associations and non-governmental organizations (ONGs) for city life enhancement. Vitacon was the first company to sponsor parklets in São Paulo, the first to sponsor spaces on squares with support to cyclists. It also has released 3 books named“How to Live in São Paulo Without a Car”.

What drives Vitacon

Our dream: To reinvent the city
Coming and going is an option. It's a desire. It's a right. A right so simple that it becomes a routine. Either for convenience or necessity. Urban Mobility is fundamental, especially in São Paulo, Brazil's economic center, which is alive. And reinvents itself everyday with those who choose life quality over laziness. Individualism over community. Idealization over actions. This is Vitacon commitment with urban mobility and reinvention of the city.

Our ventures: your life by design
We search, plan and develop innovative and distinguished ventures that improve people's lives. Our products offer solutions by design:

(MDS)i= = Mobility; Design; Simplicity; Innovation

Our commitment:: Improve daily life
We undertake daily commitments that provide a new way of living the city. We have launched a campaign for a life without cars in São Paulo. We support the city's first parklets. We refurbished squares and offered services to cyclists. We believe in the purpose of appreciating neighborhoods in which we are present, with innovative designs and urban solutions.