Why Invest?

Vitacon knows that any investor seeks for transparency, professional management and timeliness when expressing their doubts. Because of that, these sections make available information as company history, its performance in the real estate market and ventures it has already launched, among others.Learn more.
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Corporate Profile

To reinvent the City. This is what drives Vitacon, a real estate developer with head office located in São Paulo, Brazil's financial center. Founded by Alexandre Lafer Frankel, in 2009, Vitacon not only sells properties, but a well-being concept and a new life style.

Competitive Strategies And Advantages

Vitacon develops exclusive compact and distinguished apartments, with contemporary architecture and design, smart spaces and privileged locations. It provides innovative solutions for a modern life style.

Target Neighorhoods

Information and features of the neighborhoods in which Vitacon is present: Vila Olímpica, Itaim Bibi, Vila Mariana and Jardins. Prime locations near the great commercial areas of the city of São Paulo, in order to provide easy movement, less time in traffic and more time with family.

Vitacon Ventures

Vitacon's success can be proved by its portfolio of launched ventures. Prime location, distinguished architecture, compact apartments, shares spaces and "pay-per-use" services: Vitacon's DNA.

Message From The Ceo

"Despite the crisis, life is not over. Bills still need to be paid and we need to move on. Because of that, we need urgent decision from the Government..."


Information under a new perspective: customer's testimonies, participation in events, participation in online media and television.

Awards And Recognition

Some of the awards Vitacon and its President have received in the last years, such as the Prêmio Lide de Empreendedorismo 2014, AZ Awards, Top Empreendedor 2010, among others.

Sampa Housing

Sampa Housing was founded in 2010 by two Brazilian entrepreneurs who noticed in São Paulo a increasing need for a high-class customized housing service, with apartments ready to be occupied, for either short or long periods.