Real Estate Market

Vitacon acts in the real estate market of the city of São Paulo. In this section, you find information to support investment decisions, containing information on regulations in the sector, influence of the availability of home loans, factors affecting the sector the most and the Brazilian real estate development model, among others.

Operating Cycle

Real estate operating cycle comprises land acquisition, development, sales, construction and delivery. Access the section to learn more about each step.

Real Estate Development

The development activity refers to coordination of the real estate venture. The developer identifies the best lands to be acquired, develops architectural projects, promotes their launching and marketing actions, provides funding and coordinates their construction, making sure they are delivered on time. 

São Paulo

The metropolitan area of São Paulo comprises 38 municipalities, including the capital city, and, according to IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) 2005 census, has a territory of 8,051 km2, an urban area of 2,139 km2, an a population of, approximately, 19.0 million inhabitants. The metropolitan area of São Paulo is the one that has the greatest percentage in Brazilian GDP and the greatest demand for real estate properties in Brazil.

Influential Factors

Properties are assets with high individual value and, generally, they have a great relative weight in families' budget. The acquisition of a property largely depends on a long-term financing availability. Thus, the real estate market performance is influenced by several macroeconomic factors, as PIB increase and per capita income, interest rates levels, inflation, credits availability and consumer trust.


The real estate activity is primarily governed by federal laws that regulate property rights, urban policy guidelines and instruments, real estate development activity, multi-use condominium, land subdivision and rent of urban properties, as well as by municipal laws, which establish land use and occupation rules, zoning and construction.

Real Estate Financing

One of the primary milestones for the real estate sector development is the capability and availability of granting credits to the sector, as well as the legal security that supports the financing process, important factors in the market development and that contribute in a representative manner to expand demands for housing in the last years.