Investment Options

A comparative table of Vitacon's investment modalities is presented below. After the table, more details about each one of these modalities are presented.

Real Estate Crowd Funding Acquisition of Property in Income Pool CRI (Real Estate Receivables Certificates) Direct Investment Private Equity
Who can invest No Restrictions No Restrictions No Restrictions No Restrictions Qualified Investors
How to invest plataform Contract Brokerage company Contract Acquisition of shares or Joint Venture
Minimum Value R$ 1 thousand Property value + furniture R$ 300 thousand R$ 300 thousand* R$ 15 million
Maximum value R$ 2.5 million Property value + furniture
Undefined Undefined Variable
Dividends From the beginning of sales for the venture
From delivery of venture Amortizations + redemption at maturity From the beginning of sales for the venture Variable
Profitability Variable, minimum of savings income Variable, by means of renting Fixed, ID (Interbank Deposit) + 2.8% per year. Variable Variable
Risk Low Low Low Medium High

*Qualified Investors

Real Estate Crowd Funding

O crowdfunding Real Estate Crowd Funding is a new investment modality available in the market that is very common in the USA and Europe. It consists in obtaining capital for initiatives of interest of small investors of multiple financing sources, generally individuals interested in the initiative by means of an online platform.

URBE.ME is the first crowd funding platform focused on real estate industry. In this platform, small investors invest in values from R$ 1 thousand in ventures and, in return, are entitled to participate in the general sales value. 

The first building offered in crowd funding in the country was VN Cardoso de Melo, launched by Vitacon Incorporadora e Construtora by means of URBE.ME platform. Investment is 100% online and enables small investors to invest on the same level of large investors in the industry.

This first real estate crowd funding offer is governed by Comissão de Valores Mobiliários (CVM) (Brazilian Securities Commission) and will be constructed in the city of São Paulo, in Vila Olímpia. With guaranteed savings income, investment return is estimated in up to 60 months with a projected IRR, in feasibility study, to range from 13.1% to 17.2% per year + INCC (National Construction Cost Index).

For more information concerning this investment modality, access URBE.ME's website.URBE.ME.

Access, as well, the section Contact IR to submit any doubts or concerns.Contact IR to submit any doubts or concerns.

Acquisition of Property in Income Pool - "Property"

Vitacon has some projects whose sale shall follow a different model from the sale standards. Property investors are entitled to ownership, but are not entitled to use the property. The venture's units remain in a system of rental pool and investors will profit from these rentals, expenses and vacancy deducted, and this profit will arise from the result of this set of units taking part in the pool.

Among the ventures under this modality, we have:

Project Status
Rua Bela Cintra Under construction, delivery expected for 2017
VN Vila Mariana (Rua Tomás Alves x Rua Humberto I) Soon launching
VN Melo Alves (Rua Dr. Melo Alves - Jardins) Medium-term launching
Fiandeiras (Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, Itaim Bibi) Medium-term launching

CRI - Real Estate Receivables Certificate

The Real Estate Receivables Certificate (CRI) is a fixed-rate bond backed by property financing (paying of immovable assets acquisition consideration), exclusively issued by securitization companies. It has been established as an important instrument to foster the sector.

CRI transforms the flow of receivables of medium and long term in negotiable financial assets. In this way, it enables developer companies, construction companies, real estate companies and financial institutions in possession of credits backed by real estate to count on more resources to apply in the sector.

Vitacon has already launched a CRI, which is completely sold. Additional emissions, if any, shall be widely spread.

Direct Investment in Ventures

Another investment modality is partnership in ventures with launching scheduled for the subsequent months. The minimum initial contribution is approximately R$ 300 thousand reais (qualified investors) and return occurs as the venture sales are initiated.

For more information on subsequent launches open to investments, access section Subsequent Launches.

Access Contact IR in case you are interested in investing in Vitacon under this modality.

Private Equity

Private Equity if a type of financial activity performed by institutions investing essentially in companies not listed on the stock exchange, aiming at leverage their development. These investments are executed by means of Private Equity Funds.

The investment can be executed by capital contribution directly to Vitacon or by partnership in a new company whose object is to develop new projects, defined in a shareholders agreement, within Vitacon's scope: real estate development and rental through an online operator.

Investment structure::

  • One to three investors in an offshore vehicle offshore
  • Pure Equity
  • Preferred shares
  • Convertible-to-equity debt

Access Contact IRin case you are interested in investing in Vitacon under this modality.