Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is a system through which companies are managed, monitored and encouraged, involving relationship between partners, Executive Board, the executive board and other interested parties. Good practices of corporate governance convert basic principles into objective recommendations, aligning interests with the purpose of preserving and optimizing the economic long-term value of the organization, facilitating its access to resources and contributing to organization's management quality, its longevity and the common good.

Corporate Structure

The organizational chart presented in this section represents Vitacon's simplified corporate structure.

Executive Board

Vitacon's Officers are its legal representatives, being primarily responsible for the company's daily management and for the implementation of policies and general guidelines established by the Board of Directors.

Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors is Vitacon's collegiate resolution body responsible for formulating and monitoring the business general policies, including short, medium and long term strategies. The Board usually meets once a week and is currently composed of five members.


The scope of the Company is the real estate development, purchase and sale of properties, rental and management of owned properties and participation in other companies’ capital as a shareholder of quotaholder, brokerage being excluded from this scope. Learn the complete Articles of Incorporation.

Code Of Ethics And Conduct

"The following contents shall be seen as an inspiration to all of us, guiding our actions, aligning our conduct before partners, suppliers and associates in our daily activities. Strengthen Vitacon's beliefs and culture. More than a Guide, Vitacon's Culture Manual and Code of Ethics is a guideline that shall serve a work and instruction instrument for our activities." Alexandre Frankel

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